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Genuine Dojo Testimonials

A really useful course even if you have been using your Mac for years there is still so much to learn. The shortcuts are great and make your work far more efficient. The third party programs and Chrome extensions covered open up new ways of doing things. The course is enjoyable and Tharyn is a great teacher. If you have any questions he gets back to you pretty promptly.
– Lee C., Mac Dojo Graduate

Tharyn has put together a well orchestrated course here. I have very little experience with Mac and I must say that the lessons are really informative. I am a PC power user and, with the Mac Dojo’s help, I will be able to consider myself the same (or equivalent) in the Mac realm.
― Phil E., Mac Dojo Graduate

I spend a lot of time in front of my Mac, and every second counts. Internalising the tips I learned from MacDojo has made my work experience smoother and faster. I highly recommend this product.
– Nicolas G., Podcast Host and Business Owner

The best way I can describe this course is with a haiku

"I was blind to Macs
Mac Dojo showed me the Light
A new path was shown"
– Matt F., Video Editor

I pretty much hated using a Mac because I found it hard to use - once the customization kicked in, these once hidden secrets, gave me the POWER to take control of the way I work!! I used to say that my brain was too fast for technology and would revert to my trusted pen and paper - now they're almost running at equal speeds :)
Mac lessons with Tharyn are totally recommended if you want to make technology your friend, not foe.
– Sheena M.

Mac Dojo was probably the best investment I've done in the last couple of years. I've been using Mac for quite a bit already, but frankly I felt that something was missing and I was not squeezing the most of this excellent Apple product.
– Sasha A., Customer Experience Expert

Good stuff! - I was a windows and Linux user up until 8 months ago when I switched to Mac. I knew most of the information here, however there were parts that were new to me that will definitively increase my productivity immediately.

– Tom H., Dojo Graduate

The best part is that this course is broken up into easy-to-digest chunks (each video is usually just a few minutes) so you can learn just what you need, and immediately put it to use. (No more hour-long trainings that put you to sleep).

– Yongho S., Online Business Creator

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