This course is no longer available. (It's ancient now!) But I keep it up for fun.
-Tharyn, July 2020

Be A Mac Productivity Expert
And Instantly Make Your Job
Easier, Faster, And More Fun

Introducing The Yosemite Productivity Course
by The Mac Dojo

Have you ever been in the middle of working on your Mac and think, “There must be a faster way to do this…”

Or have you ever knowingly done a task the slow way because you just didn’t have time to “practice” using your Mac properly to memorize the fast way?

Are you using hot corners, spring loaded folders, and the desktop to your advantage?

If you doubted yourself during any of these questions, then the Mac Dojo is about to revolutionize the way you get things done on your Mac.

Mac Dojo is the most comprehensive Productivity Training Course available anywhere for using your Mac.

What does that mean?

It means that when you purchased your Mac, you were unwittingly indoctrinated into a ninja brotherhood, and it was completely secret. Now, you have been summoned, one way or another, to the Mac Dojo in order to fulfill your pact with your Mac. You are here to awaken your inner Mac Ninja.

You are here to unleash your true productive potential.

You are about to supercharge your daily workflow on your Mac. Say goodbye to monotonous tasks that used to take you twice as long to complete and hello to the easiest possible way to streamline your Mac work experience.

Like a whisper in the night.

You will learn to navigate through your Mac at ninja-like speeds, unitizing multiple desktops, fast hot corners, desktop centric philosophy, tags, tabs, and all the incredible Yosemite productivity secret tricks.

Like a poof of smoke.

The Mac Dojo will guide you in the way of the keyboard in order to enhance your Mac workflow, multitasking through multiple programs, surfing the web, and organizing files with the ease of a few keystrokes.

Like balancing on a blade of grass.

Simply put, get more work done in less time. Become the productive ninja you thought you would become when you actually purchased your Mac. Fulfill your secret contract. Now is the time to unleash your true inner ninja.

Like striking down tasks faster than time itself.


Revolutionize The Way You Work & Create

Mac Dojo helps you supercharge your daily workflow on your Mac. Say goodbye to monotonous tasks that used to take you twice as long to complete and hello to the easiest possible way to streamline your Mac work experience.

  • Save Time

    Navigate through your Mac at zooming speeds, unitizing fully multiple desktops, hot corners, desktop centric philosophy, tags, tabs, and all the incredible Yosemite productivity hacks.

  • Feel Good

    Become a keyboard wizard when it comes to your Mac workflow, multitasking through multiple programs, surfing the web, and organizing files with the ease of a few keystrokes – imagine how good that will feel!

  • Get More Done

    Simply put, get more work done in less time. Become the productive ninja you thought you would become when you actually purchased your Mac. Now is the time to unleash your inner ninja speed.

jasonfried-macdojo“Workaholics aren't heroes. They don't save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because she figured out a faster way.”

Jason Fried, CEO of 37Signals, Author of International Bestseller Rework

Smart Companies &
Smart People Use Macs

Smart people buy Macs in order to work smarter - not just because they look fancy.

If you paid a couple thousand dollars for your Mac, but you’re currently not taking advantage of its hidden productivity features, then you’ve wasted A LOT of money.

But don't worry, you're in good hands. You've found the dojo. But keep this in mind: Whether or not you join the Dojo, you will keep using your Mac.

However, it's my personal mission to enhance that part of your life where you spend 8+ hours a day. I see your true inner Productivity Ninja and I know you will benefit greatly from these productivity hacks.

Smart people do not work harder. That doesn't make any sense. If there is a faster way to get something done, you do that.

Even Bill Gates is smarter than that.


But I don't think you're lazy. Unless you are... In which case Mac Dojo is still perfect for you. Nonetheless, people who work smarter make more money.

Just check out these interesting statistics about Macs...

business-insider-smallMac Power Laptop Users Make 44% More Money

These employees tend to be the richest and most productive. Most of the Macs today are being freewheeled into the office by executives, top sales reps, and other workaholics says

The_Next_Web_8400246% of companies have issued Macs to staff

Mac's are definitely the way of the future in productivity and creativity. This article in The Next Web talks about executive Mac preference and more.



nic-mac-dojoInternalizing the tips I learned from Mac Dojo has made my work experience smoother and faster. I highly recommend this product.

― Nicolas Gregoriades
Founder of The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, Podcast Host and Business Owner 

See Exactly What Awaits You In The Dojo

  • Discover the number #1 mistake most people make that is keeping you from doubling your Mac speed.
  • The “Hidden” Settings that will instantly make your Mac 10x easier to use. After adjusting these settings, you will feel like your mac is reading your mind.
  • The advanced way to navigate that will allow you to move through your work flows at lightning speed.
  • Walk into any task and face it with total confidence and authority.

The Dojo Is Packed Full of 50+ HD Quality Video Lessons

Here are just a few of the many
subjects inside the full course...

Tharyn has put together a well orchestrated course here. I have very little experience with Mac and I must say that the lessons are really informative. I am a PC power user and, with the Mac Dojo's help, I will be able to consider myself the same (or equivalent) in the Mac realm.

― Phil E.
Mac Dojo Graduate, Financial Investigator

You'll Be Learning These
Important Ninja Skills...

  • Desktop Centric Philosophy
  • Navigate Way Faster Through Windows & Apps
  • Copy & Paste Faster Than A Wisp Of Smoke
  • Ninja Chrome Tactics & Extensions
  • Ninjutsu Keyboard Shortcuts
  • System Settings For Agility
  • Stealth Finder Techniques & Navigation
  • Becoming An Evernote Productivity Expert
  • Apps For Ninja Quick Workflow
  • And Much Much More!

As Seen On...


About Your Sensei - Tharyn Taylor

saturday-like-a-bossMy name's Tharyn and I have grown up being passionate about computers. My own Dojo training began over four years ago working at my University Computer Center and since then I have taught countless hundreds of students and faculty from my University how to use advanced programs more quickly.

presentationIn doing so, I learned how to genuinely teach and help people understand the computer. I became a Sensei by bringing many people from white belt to black belt ninjas in a matter of weeks.

Now, I’ve designed Mac Dojo to feel the same. You will feel like you’re automatically downloading the information from me into your head. (Yes, this is just like the Matrix.)

Like the wisdom of ages gathered in a single cup.

Just Do The Math &
Save A LOT of Money

If you're like me, then you want to be the best you can be while creating content, producing results, and working your butt off. You want to know every single competitive edge you possibly can to save more time.

You are about to make an incredibly valuable investment and here's why in plain and simple numbers.

Let's do some math. Let's assume that Mac Dojo will save you a minimum of 30 minutes a day. (even though it will probably be way more over time)

And you work about 8 hours a day on your Mac. Perhaps your time is worth about $30.00... (easily more if you're a highly specialized technical professional, full time freelancer, budding entrepreneur, or business guru).

If you do the math with these conservative numbers, this course will pay for itself in less than 7 DAYS!

You are basically stealing all of my secrets that I spent countless hundreds of hours learning and you are benefiting from these tips for the rest of your life -- at just the cost of around 3 hours of your working time.

Like a breath of crisp air in the black night.

Don’t Decide Now…

Take All The Time You Need And Try The Entire Mac Dojo Course For A Full 30 Days Before You Even Make Up Your Mind

When you try Mac Dojo, this is how your life will improve right away:

After you graduate from White Belt, you'll already see how easy and effortless it is to learn your Mac properly. As you keep this up, you’ll feel more confident with your Mac, how to use it, and how to move around like a Ninja, slicing time in half at every task you do.

Before you know it, you'll be halfway through the course, with more tools, tips, tricks, and shortcuts to boost your productivity than you know what to do with. But not to worry, because you will have already been practicing each of the techniques after each lesson, firmly re-programming your Mac habits.

By the time you graduate, you will be a really buff Mac Ninja, ready to face all of your tasks with confidence, awareness, and a hopefully even a great sense of humor. The Dojo is all about creating a seamless relationship between you and your Mac, and now, you are a graduated, certified, genuine, productive Mac Pro.

Like a warrior who has become one with his blade.

New-Smile-PhotoTharyn is awesome. Explains everything in FULL detail. I was surprised that I didn't know most of these tips. This course is awesome. None like it.

― Eugene Hennie
Entrepreneur, $500,000 Product Launcher, Founder of

My Personal Promise &
Three Ninja Guarantees

I am so confident you will benefit from the Dojo that your investment will sit in a special “Productivity-Promise” fund, protected by Ninjas, until you’ve experienced the benefit for yourself. No one (including me) touches that fund. After 30 days, you decide whether I get to keep your money. Why am I doing this? Because if this system doesn’t work for you, then I’m taking responsibility for it and you shouldn’t feel bad about buying something that didn't work for you.

Just let me know within 30 days and I will buy back the system from you because I know it will help someone else. No worries, no problem, it's all good. I'm so enthusiastic and confident that you will benefit from the Mac Dojo that I am happy to offer this to you. 🙂

Like a sturdy katana that holds true for eternity.

  • Save Time

    1. I GUARANTEE you will save an extra 30 minutes every day on your computer by knowing how to properly use your Mac so you may instead use that time to focus on the most important aspects of your life or else you pay nothing. Spend your time doing activities that you enjoy, having more quality time with family, and being the creative genius you truly are.

  • Create More

    2. I GUARANTEE you will have more time to create your masterpiece work. You’ll discover all the Mac artist’s tools of trade already within your grasp to get you there faster than you think. With this knowledge, you will be bold and create anything you want and bring it to fruition for others to admire and recognize. Otherwise you pay nothing.

  • Have Fun

    3. I GUARANTEE after graduating from the Dojo you will be in love with your Mac, getting your work done faster, and having a lot more fun doing it. If you’re not having more fun, like I said, I’ll buy the course back from you. Your feelings and relationship with your Mac will be more electrified and positive, shining through into your work as you accomplish tasks with speed, grace, and a smile on your face.

daniel-mac-dojo"Massive productivity boost!  After going through the Mac Dojo and practicing all the shortcuts my guess would be that I save at least an hour a day. I'm way more productive. I'd highly recommend getting this course."

― Daniel de Gruijter
Founder at Incitement and Email Marketing & Deliverability Specialist at Mindvalley

Get Instant Access To
The Most Comprehensive Mac Training Course Online

Let's take a quick inventory.

After you buy Mac Dojo you'll have instant access to the most unique and comprehensive Mac Training Course available online right now. No joke, there's nothing like this.

You can enter the Dojo right away and start becoming your true inner ninja in less than 5 minutes.

Let me just say this again...

There's a 30 day money-back guarantee with zero risk. If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, just send me an email within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund. That is how a ninja do.

The primary benefits of the Dojo are:

  1. Save More Time
  2. Save More Money
  3. Have More Freedom
  4. Become More Attractive*
  5. Have More Fun

*not completely guaranteed hehe, but the course does come with a sense of humor 😉

Just so you know, there have been hundreds of graduates walk through the Dojo doors and they have been wildly happy with the results. Just read any of the shining blue testimonials on this page.

Moreover, if you did the math earlier, you saw that this course will pay for itself in less than 7 days. The Dojo gets to the basis of your entire workflow - targeting your Mac itself. That's why it's is so powerful.

Just listen to my good friend Ben when it comes to making wise investments. (He was actually an ancient ninja of the highest order.)



What You Can Do Next

The next journey is your choice. The Mac Dojo has been made with love and humor and I ask a reasonable and fair price of $99 bucks. Most high-end training courses are $250-1000 range. I think that's a bit excessive.

But since I love to save money and want more and more people to have access to the Dojo, you can grab it now for 30% off. That's only $69.

Remember, there's no risk, there's only getting ninja-like.

I'll see you in the Mac Dojo!

Like the wind, he springs from branch to branch, moving swiftly into the shadows.

Buy Mac Dojo

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How To Order

  1. Okay now you’ve got all the facts and you know that the Mac Dojo is for you.
  2. Get your credit card out and ready.
  3. When you click “Add To Cart” you will see a Secure Account Creation Page.
  4. Just fill in your details, and then you will be taken to a PayPal payments screen. (I use PayPal because it’s quick, simple, and safe.)
  5. After your payment is securely processed, you will be redirected to the receipt page, where you need to click the link to enter the Training Grounds. (You can always log in to the student section from any Mac Dojo page by clicking the Student Login link in the top right.)
  6. Boom! You’re on your way to Ninja-Level Awesomeness!
  7. Don’t wait any longer and click on the Add To Cart button.

Click Here To Buy The Mac Dojo Productivity Course for $99 $69.

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 8.22.40 PMTharyn's tricks are simple and often things that you would have never thought of to improve your computer efficiency. Totally recommended if you want to make technology your friend, not foe.

― Sheena Melwani
Customer Happiness Expert at Mindvalley

Frequently Asked Questions

What About All The Free Mac Tutorial Videos Online?

It’s true, there are tons of “free” videos, tutorials, and articles available online. I just checked and there are 52,754 results inside YouTube for similar Mac training and shortcut videos. I would even admit that some are such good quality that I would be hard pressed to do better. But I'm going to let you in on an obvious secret… most of them will waste your time. None of them tell you why to do things a certain way. They are fragmented. The Dojo is whole. You will gain much from understanding this.

Are there any prerequisites or things I should know before taking this course?

Anyone can learn from the Mac Dojo, whether you are just beginning with your Mac or you've had one for years and need some catching up to do. Many of the hundreds of students inside right now are long time Mac users brushing up on the new Yosemite productivity tricks.

What's inside the course?

50+ HD quality video training lessons and supporting materials and links for each step of the way. There's also a student discussion section within each lesson to ask questions, share, and learn more. You'll have 24/7 online access to all of this content. Downloading the videos is currently unavailable.

What if I have questions about something?

You may ask questions about anything you want and I will personally help you get everything sorted out. I'm just an email away. Or you can ask in the lesson discussion area.

Can I suggest my own tips, tricks, and shortcuts?

Yes! You can totally suggest your own ways that you have found effective and share with other students within the courses discussion section.

What if I want a refund?

No worries! You can even watch the entire course first, then decide. You don't need any reasons to refund. That's my productivity promise. If the Dojo isn't for you, just email me personally anytime within 30 days of your purchase at:

Portrait-CristianMy life back in less than 2 weeks. There was not enough time for friends and family and it was driving me crazy. Fortunately I took this ninja course that gave me life back and even contributed to my promotion. Thank you so much!

― Rocky Monroe
Copywriter, Entrepreneur, & Marketing Consultant