Super-Charge Your Mac Productivity

Learn All of the Instant Shortcuts to Unleash Your Mac's Full Potential

How Much Is Your Mac Costing You?

Dog bought Mac to look smart. Dog made big mistake.

If you paid a couple thousand dollars for your Mac, but you’re currently not taking advantage of its hidden features, then you’ve wasted A LOT of money.

Your Mac has a TON of useful capabilities so PLEASE don’t let those features go to waste – especially when they’re going to directly BENEFIT your life by saving HUNDREDS of hours over the course of a year.

If you work on your Mac for 6+ hours a day, then your Mac is probably one of your closest companions. You would be wise to know how to actually use it to your great advantage.

You Need To Understand Your Mac

Have you ever found yourself doing tedious work copy and pasting, moving files around, or boring data entry stuff? Most likely, that’s a YES.

Everyone comes across these daily tasks and sometimes this repetitive grunt-work can take up 2 to 3 hours of your precious time.

Your Mac can slice that time IN HALF if you know the proper techniques.

Most People Have No Idea How Much Time They Could Be Saving On Their Mac Every Day

The Mac Dojo Is Here To Rescue You

Mac Dojo is by far the most comprehensive Mac Productivity course available online today. It is useless to look anywhere else, because you won't find anything even close to as powerful or concise as the the Dojo.

Not to mention the most essential ingredient that is missing from every other so called "Mac Tips" videos online. No one anywhere else tells you WHY.

Course Benefits

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Become more attractive (not-guaranteed)
  • Justify spending your hard earned money for your Apple computer

The Dojo Is Meant To Be Fun

  • My main philosophy: Take the best, forget the rest. Not everything will be right for you and your workflow, but I encourage you to try it out, test it in your experience, and take only what suits you. I'm forgiving like that. 😉
  • After every lesson, you will be asked to practice the shortcuts a few times before moving forward. This is VERY important. Practicing, using, and experiencing the wisdom of these shortcuts is the only way to become truly ninja-like.
  • Each lesson page has supporting materials and links that I mention in the lesson (PLUS I will be adding some more secret links that are not in the videos, so don't forget to read on.)
  • Ask me anything. Seriously. Challenge what I do and maybe I'll learn something too. We're all learning together.

What's Inside The Mac Dojo

  • 24/7 Online Training Area

    You’ll be getting 27 high quality video trainings that are easy to watch in 5-10 minute increments so you can get to practicing the techniques ASAP.

  • Straight To The Point

    27 Easy-to-consume video lessons with 3 hours of content. It’s only 3 hours because I am fast, to the point, and don’t want to waste any more of your time than needed to teach you these ninja tricks.

  • Gamified Progress System

    5 Colored Ninja Belt System to easily see your progress towards becoming a black belt Pro with your Mac Productivity.

  • Watch Over My Shoulder

    Watch over my shoulder, with full view of my keyboard and hands so you will never miss a single key-stroke. (There are no other videos like this online)

Ready to get productive?

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