How To Upgrade Your Mac’s Hard Drive to SSD

So you think you can SSD? So you want to breathe new life into your old Mac? Well, this is just for you. Within this post are the exact steps I took to upgrade my Macbook Pro 2011 from it’s original hard drive to a brand new 500GB Solid State Drive a.k.a SSD. Here’s a quick 4 min video summary of the article & how fast photoshop opens for me! Keep reading below for the complete guide! Who should do it? Anyone with an iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, or certain Air models that still are using a regular hard drive.…

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Stay Healthy On Your Mac With Alinof Timer

Here’s a quick 4 min video showing how you can create a habit of staying active when using your Mac. Use the free Alinof Timer app to remind yourself to get up and move your body twice an hour. Watch the video to learn how to save your eye sight too. Links mentioned in the…

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25 Mac Tips, Tricks, Apps, & Shortcuts You Should Definitely Know

Most Mac lists online that I’ve seen give about 50% of the value they promise. Literally, they say “7 useful Mac tips” and they proceed to tell me how to slow down OSX’s fancy animations by holding down the shift key and minimizing a window. Are you serious right now? Not only am I going…

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Mac Productivity Shortcuts For Faster Window Navigation [Video]

mac shortcuts tips navigation

Many people take these simple techniques for granted. However, it’s super important to take full advantage of moving between apps and windows at lightening speed. Your Mac is already fast, but are you? Watch this premium full-length lesson from inside the Mac Shortcuts Pro course. You’ll learn the fastest way to navigate around your Mac.…

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5 Little-Known Mac Skype Tips You’ll Love

skype tricks

Everyone these days is using Skype as a general messaging system, along with a good way to stay in touch with family for free. Here are 5 simple settings and features that most people are not aware that Skype can do. 1. Turn off notifications They are so annoying and pop up anyone comes online…

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