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Begin zooming through your Mac's windows and apps at lightening speeds. By the end of this lesson you will become an agile Ninja with your computer.

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  • ⌘ + Tab is your new best friend. Use to navigate between open applications.
  • ⌘ + Shift Tab moves the app selection to the left instead of right.
  • Why hide your dock? Now you won’t need it very often. This is super valuable real estate for any MacBook (only exception is if you are ALWAYS on dual monitor OR have a super massive iMac.)
  • ⌘ + ~ will shift between the windows of the same Application. Useful for multiple Chrome windows open, or Finder windows. Or if you have 3-5 excel or word docs open.

How to Hide the Dock

Step 1.

Open your System Preferences and navigate to the "Dock" settings window.


Step 2.

Make sure to check "Automatically hide and show the Dock"
Adjust the other settings as you like. You can see my personal preferences below, including the Dock on the left side of my screen.


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  • McheleH

    March 15, 2014

    Very helpful again. I have been minimizing a lot, but now I see it’s not necessary. Surprise! I love Mission Control. I see the need to keep my list of keyboard shortcuts out so I can pick a few to work on at a time. Thanks.

    • Tharyn

      March 17, 2014

      Thanks! 😀
      No more minimizing! Such a waste of time lol.